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Foster Care Reform Litigation Docket

The Foster Care Reform Litigation Docket (“the Docket”) provides basic information on 81 child welfare reform cases nationwide that are currently in active litigation, a pending settlement agreement, or are significant in some other respect. The Docket also describes a small sampling of damages cases.


The complete docket is also available as:

We have made every effort to include all relevant cases in the Docket, and to provide accurate and up-to-date information on each case. In some cases, plaintiffs’ counsel who originally brought the case, or made significant contributions to it, are no longer involved. For that reason, we have only listed those attorneys who currently are working on the case or are currently working for the organization or firm with primary responsibility for the case. However, errors and omissions are nearly inevitable, and we appreciate receiving your corrections or updates. Please contact Leecia Welch at (510) 835-8098, extension 3023, or via email at lwelch(at), with any corrections or additions to the Docket.

Updated Feb. 10, 2012

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