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Photo: Marlene Desautels

January-March 2005

Vol. XXVI No.1



Articles & Analysis

Child Welfare Demonstration Projects, Part I
Child Welfare Waivers Underutilized by States; States with Waivers Report Mixed Results
By Bill Grimm and Sean Tanner
First in a series, this article examines the federal funding of child welfare services, the restrictions on funding that necessitate states’ use of the waiver for innovative projects, the history of the waiver program, and the requirements for a demonstration project.

Proliferating Curfew Laws Keep Kids at Home, But Fail to Curb Juvenile Crime
Youth Advocates Challenge Laws’ Constitutionality
By Angie Schwartz and Lucy Wang
A 2000 study found that the number of newly enacted curfew laws is rising at about 3 percent a year, and police officers report that enforcement of many long-standing curfew laws has intensified, due to growing concern about gangs and youth crime.

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